August 19, 2017
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Last updated: August 09, 2017

Latest News

  • Mplus Version 8 is now available. Mplus Version 8 includes corrections to minor problems that have been found since the release of Version 7.4 in November 2015 and the following new features listed on our Version History page. Registered users who purchased Mplus within the last year and those with a current Mplus Upgrade and Support Contract can download Version 8 at no cost by logging into their customer account.

  • August 16 Johns Hopkins workshop slides.

  • August 17-18 Johns Hopkins workshop slides.

  • New time series analysis (DSEM) webpage.

  • Upcoming 2017 Workshops by the Mplus Team:
    • July 13, 14: 1-day workshop on Mplus Version 8 (Dynamic SEM for Intensive Longitudinal Data) and Mplus User’s Meeting, Utrecht University.
    • July 17: 1-day workshop on Mplus Version 8 (Dynamic SEM for Intensive Longitudinal Data) at the International Meeting of the Psychometric Society, Zurich.
    • August 16-18: 1-day workshop on the new book Regression And Mediation Analysis Using Mplus, followed by a 2-day workshop on Mplus Version 8 (Dynamic SEM for Intensive Longitudinal Data), Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore.

  • Registration for the August 16-18 courses is now closed as we have reached the full capacity.

  • 8th Mplus Users’ Meeting at Utrecht University, July 14.

  • Announcing our new book Regression And Mediation Analysis Using Mplus. 140 Mplus inputs, outputs, and data sets where available are posted for the book examples. The book can be ordered from the online store.

    Recent Postings

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    Upcoming Mplus Short Courses

  • Latent Class Analysis in Social Science Research, Berkeley, California, United States, August 7 - 11, 2017.

  • Regression And Mediation Analysis Using Mplus, Baltimore, Maryland, August 16, 2017.

  • Dynamic Structural Equation Modeling of Intensive Longitudinal Data Using Mplus Version 8, Baltimore, Maryland, August 17 - 18, 2017.

  • Multilevel Structural Equation Modeling, Lugano, Switzerland, August 28 - September 1, 2017.

    View our Courses Page for more information on these and further courses.

  • Mplus Papers
    Using Special Mplus Features

    Mplus Demo Version

    The Mplus Demo version is available for download at no cost. Click here to download the demo. The demo version contains all of the capabilities of the regular version of Mplus and is only limited by the number of observed variables that can be used in an analysis.

    Student Pricing for Mplus Version 8

    Special student pricing is available for Mplus. The student version of the program is identical to the regular version. Click here for more information.

    Mplus Version 8 User's Guide and Examples

    Click here for the Mplus Version 8 User's Guide and to download the input, output, and data for the Mplus User's Guide examples.

    Mplus Web Training and Handouts

    Videos and handouts for the 9 topics of the Mplus Short Courses are now available for viewing on the web. Other Mplus web training includes web talks, a seminar series, a one-day overview course, a two-day course, and a 20-lecture course on Mplus analyses.

    Papers Using Special Mplus Features

    Click here to find papers ordered by topic and by date.

    Mplus Web Notes

    Mplus Web Notes is a vehicle for presenting information on Mplus analysis techniques. Click here to go to Mplus Web Notes.

    Mplus User's Meetings

    Click here for information about past and future Mplus User's Meetings.